Arabo-Friesians are not just simply crosses between Friesians and Arabians. They should carry only a small percentage of select desert Arabian blood and look like pure Friesians, with slightly less fetlock hair and more refined heads.  They have rolex replica smooth gaits and enjoy working.  They have phenomenal endurance and toughness and are thus suitable for the most rigorous sport competitions.  One of the most important aspects is their disposition:  it is the ‘golden disposition’ of the old proven Friesian bloodlines that gives them their willingness to work and please without question. Most Arabo-Friesian breeding stallions come from the Ritske and Age lines, these old Friesian sire lines were known for their athleticism. Since 90% of today’s Friesians are descended from the Mark sire line, which is only rarely found among Arabo-Friesians, all 231 Friesian dam lines can be used for Breeding with Arabo-Friesian stallions.

Ymtsje by Dark Ynte

The breeding goal is 5 to 20% Arabian blood, so the horses look like Friesians with their typical movement and have the good and stable swiss replica watches character of the Friesian, but with the endurance and toughness of the Arabian.  Foals receive full papers and passports. Those that promise to be particularly athletic, receive the ‘sport certificate’. This is the highest accolade in Arabo-Friesian breeding and a necessary prerequisite for a potential breeding stallion.

The European Arabo-Friesian Society (EAFV) has set up very tough rules of selection and care for this fantastic new breed.  Daughter societies are being founded around the world as the breed rises in popularity.  As it stands today the breed is an owners’ best friend giving heart and soul while having the athletic ability to go as far as the owner desires in any replica watches uk level of competition and performance.

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